Wednesday 29 February 2012

ABC Wednesday: G is for Gone

On Monday morning Hyde Market was as busy and bustling as usual but some things were gone.

Gone now is the Crown Pole and the old wooden benches between the HSBC bank and the open market. Their removal is part of the renovation of the market that is currently underway.

Gone also are Mr Griffin and his groupies who "graced" us with their presence on Saturday causing the closure of the market for the day.

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Tuesday 28 February 2012

Moorside Place

These new houses on Moorside Place are tucked away behind the sluice gates on the Peak Forest Canal. On the left is the wooded banks of the Wilson Brook.

Monday 27 February 2012

The children's carousel and a JCB

The "roundabout" on Hyde Market has been there around a hundred years and it is going nowhere.

The market is undergoing a revamp this year in two phases so that one half will still be operating whist the half is being worked on.

This was the scene last Tuesday afternoon with a JCB parked near the carousel.

Visit Hyde DP Xtra for a view in the opposite direction and a photograph from last Saturday morning when the market was closed for once.

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Sunday 26 February 2012

Shadows across Hyde Market

Mature trees cast their shadows across the cleared Northern half of Hyde Market last Sunday afternoon in a never to be repeated view.

The original renovation plans included removal of all the trees but after protests at least some of the more mature trees are to be retained.

On the left can be seen the greengrocer's "Strawberry Gardens" with solicitor's offices above. To the right is the White Lion public house, William Hill's betting shop (bookies) and the Santander (former Abbey) Bank. Far right is the children's carousel (roundabout) in front of the Clarendon shopping centre.

Compare with the scene in the opposite direction in heavy rain the previous day as shown on Hyde DP Xtra.

Since Sunday this part of the market has been cordoned off as renewal work gets under way. The small trees in front of the White Lion have already gone.

Yesterday shadows of different kind were cast over Hyde Market but of these I do not wish comment here.

This is a contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.

Saturday 25 February 2012

Weekend Reflections outside Gabbots Farm

Reflected in the window of Gabbots Farm (branch of a chain of butchers) is Clarendon place.

On the right (opposite in reality) is the Jolly Carter and on the left is a 201 bus stopping outside The Queens.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.

Friday 24 February 2012

Skywatch Friday: The Foxholes Oak

This ancient oak tree at Foxholes, just below Knott Fold, overlooks the former Godley to Apethorn Railway line now used by the Trans Pennine trail.

See how it looked on Christmas Day 2011.

See also how it looked covered in leaves in June 2009 on sithenah.

Since then it has lost a number of branches - see some smaller ones on the embankment and view the embankment from the opposite direction on Hyde DP Xtra.

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Thursday 23 February 2012

21st Century Bubblegum

Are you old enough to remember the vending machines outside shops when you got bubble-gum delivered for a penny? Now bubble gum is 20p and other confectionery can be 50p or a £1 from these new style candy machines in Clarendon Shopping Centre.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

ABC Wednesday: F is for Fitness for Females

The former Crown public house at the corner of Market Street and Nelson Street is now a Ladies only fitness and toning salon.

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Tuesday 21 February 2012

At the Bottom of Wellington Street

The bottom end of Wellington Street. Over the fence are new houses on the Moorside Place development. You can see them from the opposite direction when still under construction in my post of 24th April 2011.

The land formerly belonged to the Automasters Engineering Works. A notice on the remnant of the wall in front of the fence warns that only Wellington Street itself is open to the public. You can see the notice in full on Hyde DP Xtra.

Pitt Field cottages are out of sight on the left. See how they looked in 2008 on sithenah.

A footpath round the back of the fence leads between the M67 motorway and the new estate/former works to the towpath of the Peak Forest Canal.

Monday 20 February 2012

Yellow on Green Street

Two men were digging up the pavement on Green Street a while back. I thought it might have been for cable-laying but I'm informed that it is part of the ongoing gas mains replacement programme.

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Sunday 19 February 2012

The Icy TransPennine Trail

This was taken last Sunday morning along the Trans Pennine Trail. Formerly the route of the Godley Junction to Apethorn Railway, it is now part of the National Cycle Route #62. The tarmac track on the left is for cyclists and walkers. That was clear but the track on the right, which is for horse riders, was thick with ice. Normally it is full of squelchy mud.

In the distance is Dowson Road Bridge, a closer view of which can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

This post is a contribution to Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

Saturday 18 February 2012

Weekend Reflections: Sluice gates

Today's photograph was taken just around the corner from the one I posted last Sunday featuring the railway bridge which is in the background here.

There was a thin layer of ice on the Peak Forest Canal but water was still flowing through these sluice gates into the Wilson Brook.

See how it looked here in March 2011 and even earlier in March 2008.

This is a contribution to Weekend Reflections.

Friday 17 February 2012

The top of a tree

Yesterday I posted of photo of the bottom of a tree.

This is the top of that tree.

You can see the middle of the tree on Hyde DP Xtra.

If you are a tree-follower I suggest you check out Loose and Leafy.

This post is a contribution to Skywatch Friday.

Thursday 16 February 2012

The bottom of a tree

The bottom of this tree stands in Gower Hey Woods close to where the path through the woods steps out on to the TransPennine trail at Swains Valley.

I'll show you some more of this big tree tomorrow.

Wednesday 15 February 2012

ABC Wednesday: E is for Empty Half of the Market Ground

Following the preparation work on Saturday, removing the remnants of the old market stalls, the Northern half of the market ground has now been cleared as part of the first phase of the planned renovation.

Across the empty ground is a clear view of Clarendon Street leading down to the Bus Station. On the left can be seen the greengrocer's "Strawberry Gardens" with solicitor's offices above. To the right is the White Lion public house, William Hill's betting shop (bookies) and the Santander (former Abbey) Bank. In the background is the "Job Centre" and far right is the children's carousel (roundabout).

So whilst the market ground may be temporarily empty it reveals a full scene.

See the view in the opposite direction on Hyde DP Xtra.

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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Animal Shelter Shop

The fundraising shop for Tameside Animal Shelter on Reynold Street recently expanded taking over the shop on the corner of Norfolk Street as a furniture store.

Monday 13 February 2012

Preparing the Market Ground

Work has begun on the renewal of Hyde Market. The Northern half of the market ground is being cleared. The Southern half is still trading so the market will remain open during the work. All that is left of the stalls in this section are the metal support pole bases. A workman, with what I think is an oxy-acetylene torch, is melting one of them so that it can pulled from the ground. In the background is one of the displaced stallholders trading from a temporary stall in front of the Santander (former Abbey branch) bank.

Three more photographs of the work last Saturday can be found on Hyde DP Xtra.

Sunday 12 February 2012

Trains and Boats and Planes

Following the demolition of Automasters and the building of the canal-side estate, Moorside Place, the view across the bend in the Peak Forest Canal has been opened up. No boats were passing as the surface of the canal was covered with ice. Behind the canal is the M67 motorway. Crossing the motorway is the railway bridge carrying the Manchester Piccadilly to Rose Hill (Marple) line. It is only an hourly service and no trains were crossing at the time. There were a couple of planes in the sky but they are probably too faint to be made out.

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Saturday 11 February 2012

Weekend Reflections: Russell Street

Reflected in the puddle on Russel Street is Byle's Beds showroom.

For a wider view see Geograph.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.

Friday 10 February 2012

Saturday Sunrise

This is how the sky looked early last Saturday morning.

The sun came out and we went on our usually Saturday morning jaunt into town. Mid-morning the sun disappered behind a grey sky and as we came home after lunch it started snowing.

Yesterday's post shows the traffic queuing for petrol.

There is a series of shots on Hyde DP Xtra showing the snow gradually changing the scene on Swains Valley.

By Monday most of the snow had gone and it wasn't quite the snowmageddon the press reports would have you think.

A contribution to Skywatch Friday.

Thursday 9 February 2012

Queuing for petrol in the snow

Cars were queuing for petrol at the Shell filling station on Dowson Road last Saturday. Light snow had been falling for about two and a half hours.

A series of photos of the snow on Swains Valley can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

It wasn't quite the snowmageddon that the press and TV made it out to be - not round here at any rate. By Monday it had more or less gone.

Wednesday 8 February 2012

ABC Wednesday: D is for Digging Deep

Workmen dug a deep trench in Clarendon Place a few weeks ago. I think they were replacing a gas main but I'm not sure. The roadworks were in place for just over a week.

You can see a wider view of the work on Hyde DP Xtra.

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Tuesday 7 February 2012

End of the Crown Pole

In preparation for the refurbishment of Hyde Market the Crown Pole has been dug out of its foundations. As I said in my post of 20th January which shows the pole from the opposite direction, the pole is to be re-sited (but the plans do not say where) whilst the telephone box is to be retained.

The benches between the pole and Clarendon Shopping Centre (the other end to the entrance I showed yesterday) have already been removed.

A closer view of the base of the uprooted pole can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

See how it looked when newly erected on Old Hyde.

Monday 6 February 2012

Welcome to Clarendon Square

The Market Place entrance to Clarendon Square. It is usually referred to as Clarendon Shopping Centre or Clarendon Mall. Locals will often just say something like - "I'll meet you outside Argos in Clarendon" or "I got it from Superdrug in the mall".

According to Wikipedia
"The centre was opened in 1963 by the Metropolitan Railway Surplus Land company as an open air precinct, but by 1980 it was in decline, with consistent vandalism combined with poor construction materials and appearance deterring retailers from locating within it. In 1990 the freeholders of the precinct, the local council (TMBC) and other organisations stepped in to sort out the centre and initiate a redevelopment strategy. In 1994 that plan was made a reality with the centre extended and made undercover, along with a new market hall and increased retail space. It is now extremely popular within the catchment area and it boasts a number of well-known chain stores such as B&M, O2, Argos and Gamestation.It is now owned by Manchester based property group, MCR Property Group"
.A contribution to Monday Doorways at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

Sunday 5 February 2012

Sunday Bridges: Dowson Road at sunset

Last week I showed you the sunset through Knott Fold bridge.

In this week's shot you can see Knott Fold bridge and the same sunset from Dowson Road bridge.

The last time I showed you Dowson Road bridge I was highlighting its Christmas Day puddle. It hasn't receded.

Right now it's probably iced over and covered with an inch of snow. I won't be going down to find out.

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Saturday 4 February 2012

Weekend Reflections in the Peak Forest Canal

Looking over the Peak Forest Canal from Manchester Road. The tall warehouse reflected in the water is Wharfingers House a grade II listed building.

On the left is the new housing development, Moorside Place, on the site of Automasters Engineering Works.

There is ice on the surface of the canal, particularly at the bend up ahead.

We've been here before witnessing the changes: For more around the world visit Weekend Reflections.

Friday 3 February 2012

Skywatch Friday: Sunset over Foxholes

Last Sunday I posted a view of Sunset under Knott Fold Bridge.

I walked under the bridge as far as the Foxholes oak tree where I turned off the trail up a footpath leading onto the bridge from where I took this photograph.

We are looking down the Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Network Route #62. The track on the left is for cyclists and walkers. What looks like a stream on the right is actually a bridleway.

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Thursday 2 February 2012

Tree Bole

Remember the broken branch I showed you recently?

Here is a close-up of the bole of the tree at the point where it divides into two. The broken branch is attached to the left hand side.

I photographed the top of the same tree on Christmas Day when there was an Emirates plane flying over it.

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Horses at Broomstairs

The CDPB theme for the first of February is "Animals" so last week I took this photograph of horses at Broomstairs.

Their stables are by grazing land in the flood plain of the river Tame. See their field on Hyde DP Xtra.

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