Saturday, 4 February 2012

Weekend Reflections in the Peak Forest Canal

Looking over the Peak Forest Canal from Manchester Road. The tall warehouse reflected in the water is Wharfingers House a grade II listed building.

On the left is the new housing development, Moorside Place, on the site of Automasters Engineering Works.

There is ice on the surface of the canal, particularly at the bend up ahead.

We've been here before witnessing the changes: For more around the world visit Weekend Reflections.


  1. Change may not always be good, but all things will change. At least a bit! Really nice photo!
    Each side of the canal looks like it's from a different era! I followed most of the links to older photos. All nice...

  2. This icy water makes a fabulous mirror!

  3. At first I thought of Bruges. I like the look of the bricks reflected on the water.

  4. In the stillness of the canal ...
    A fine autumn(?) atmosphere.

  5. Wonderful reflections on still water ... Very picturesque!

  6. Lovely colors in this reflection....

  7. Feels as if time owns a different pace at this place.

    Please have a good weekend.

    daily athens photo

  8. We've got a bit more ice cover than this. Think Spring!

  9. Very nice reflection.

    Regards and best wishes