Friday 30 September 2011

Weekend reflections in a pothole

The corner of a house and the side of a van reflected in a deep pothole on Haughton Street.

I'm home but quietly convalescing as far as I'm able. I won't be resuming regular postings for a little while yet but I'll be around from time to time.

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Sunday 18 September 2011

Stepping into Stepping Hill

I'm going into Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport this week. I was going to pre-schedule a series of photographs to cover my time away but have decided against the idea.

I have a few photographs in my files for use when I return but it may be a little while before I can get out with the camera and take new pictures. So the blog will be on hiatus for a couple of weeks or so.

I'll be going into theatre on Wednesday. Meanwhile on Heritage Open Day last weekend, there was a queue outside the Theatre Royal in Hyde but alas no going in. You can see the video on Hyde DP Xtra.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Weekend Reflections in an advertising poster

I was seated on a bench in the sunshine on the Market Place one day a few weeks ago and just took this photo of the reflections in the advertising poster there, not knowing in advance just how it would turn out.

There is a lot of actvity but I think my favourite part is how Britannia as seen in the sign for The Albion falls so neatly on the model's breast.

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Friday 16 September 2011

From Groceries to Furniture

Recently I showed you the re-plastered discount store on Clarendon Place.

It has re-opened now as a discount furniture store and retains some of the original signage from when it was a discount grocery store.

Thursday 15 September 2011

Sepia Scenes: Bertram Terrace

This weeks contribution to Sepia Scenes is Bertram Terrace on Syddall Street.

See the date stone on Hyde DP Xtra.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

ABC Wednesday: I is for Indico Rubber

In one of the industrial units on the former Redfern Rubber Works on Meadow Street, Indico Rubber Company (established 1973) continue to manufacture rubber products.

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Tuesday 13 September 2011

White lines on Dowson Road

New white lines on Dowson Road approaching Garside Street and Grosvenor Road.

The single broken white line coming from the left hand side originates near the corner of the bus stop. So now here is a question. Can you park on this stretch? Note that all the lines here are indeed white and not yellow.

Two more photos of the markings can be found on Hyde DP Xtra.

Monday 12 September 2011

Sign for The Sportsman

The sign for The Sportsman on Mottram Road.

How many different sports can you spot featured here?

For a look at the pub itself and a little information see Hyde DP Xtra

Sunday 11 September 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday: By the side of Charnley House

The backend of Hurricane Katia is supposed to hit the UK on Sunday and Monday. On Saturday it looked a bit blowy in the morning but by mid afternoon it was muggy and warm. I caught these shadows on Woodend Lane at the top of Church Brow. There are more shadows in the cobbled pathway leading to Edna Street, and also a lone shadow of a branch on the back wall of Charnley House, a residential care home on Albert Road.

It is probably the lull before the storm.

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Saturday 10 September 2011

Weekend Reflections: Dowson Road bridge in a puddle

Last Sunday I showed you Dowson Road bridge over the Trans Pennine Trail.

Today on Hyde DP Xtra is a view of the bridge from the opposite direction. In front of the bridge lies a puddle containing this reflection.

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Friday 9 September 2011

Saturday downpour

A view of Hyde Market the other Saturday when the rains came down and sent folk heading towards the shelter of Clarendon Mall.

See another view on Hyde DP Xtra.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Sepia Scenes: Across Old Court Street

This view of Hyde Town Hall was taken with a zoom lens from Water Street looking across Old Court Street.

The large bell in the clocktower is known as "Owd Josh", after former mayor Joshua Bradley.

This poem is from Gleams Of Sunshine by James Leigh.
Opening Of Hyde Town hall Clock And Bells
October 18th 1884
Presented By Mr. Joshua Bradley, Of Godley.

Hark! To those sounds of jubilee
In honour of our friend J.B.;
Hark! To those sounds -
Loud cheers are heard on every hand,
Whist with the music of the band,
The town resounds.

With joyful step and hearts elate
This noble gift we celebrate
With demonstration:
Our hearty cheers this day we raise,
The givers worthy of all praise
And emulation.

But now's the time, and now's the hour
J.B. ascends the Town Hall Tower
To play his part, -
He starts the Clock, the Bells chime out,
And with the sounds, a mighty shout
Doth thrill the heart.

And now they're off - the Town Hall Bells,
Each listening heart with pleasure swells,
To view the scene;
Strains of sweet music fill the air,
Whilst joyful faces everywhere
With pleasure beam.

As to the clock our eyes we lift,
We thank the donor for his gift
With loud acclaim.
And others will in future times,
When listening to those mellow chimes
Pronounce his name.

That grand old spinner's played his part,
For he with large unselfish heart
Doth noble give;
Then let this mighty concourse sing
The words that in my ears now ring
Long may he live

Long may he live to view with pride
The gift he has bestowed on Hyde
For many years;
And when this generation's gone,
Those Town Hall Bells may still chime on
For other ears.
The full view from Water Street can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

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Wednesday 7 September 2011

ABC Wednesday: H is for Hyde's hidden gems

Photograph © Kirsty Thompson

According to the September issue of the glossy magazine Cheshire Life
Hyde is worth seeking. Hyde is not the flashiest of Cheshire towns but it has charms all its own ... may not regularly top the list of must-see places in Britain, but this industrious town boasts many hidden gems.
Five of my photographs appear in the article written by Elizabeth Short and Kirsty Thompson came and took one of myself at the computer.

To read the whole article you'll have to buy a copy of the magazine which I think you can order online from the Cheshire Life website if your local newsagent doesn't stock it.

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Tuesday 6 September 2011

Painting White Lines

Following the recent re-surfacing of Dowson Road the workmen were back yesterday morning painting new white lines.

I caught the start of the work as I was going out mid-morning and by the time I got back early afternoon they had nearly finished but I've only got this one photograph of their handiwork as yet.

Monday 5 September 2011

Wheelie bins in Tinker's Passage

Tinker's Passage leads from Lumn Road down the side of St Thomas the Apostle church towards Ewen Fields the home of Hyde FC.

The wheelie bins belong to the houses on Boston Street on the left and are probably waiting to be emptied.

Sunday 4 September 2011

Sunday Bridges: Dowson Road

The bridge carrying Dowson Road over the former Godley to Apethorn railway line, now the Trans Pennine trail and Sustrans National Cycle Route 62.

The official Trans Pennine Trail Website describes it as
an exciting route for walkers, cyclists and horse riders linking the North and Irish seas, passing through the Pennines, alongside rivers and canals and through some of the most historic towns and cities in the North of England. The Trail from coast-to-coast between Southport and Hornsea is 215 miles (346Km) long.
whilst the National Cycle Route 62 runs from Southport to Selby with an extension from Southport via Blackpool to Glasson Dock planned.

See how this view looked in February 2011 and also how it looked in February 2010.

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Saturday 3 September 2011

Weekend Reflections: Telephone Box

This week's contribution to Weekend Reflections features the telephone box outside the entrance to Clarendon Mall on a very wet Saturday morning.

You can see the whole telephone box in the rain on Hyde DP Xtra.

Friday 2 September 2011

Old Nag's Head

The building on the corner of Milk Street and Water Street was once the Nags Head.

The Nags Head was opened around 1859 by Charlotte Pangburn. In the early 1900s it acquired a reputation as a disorderly house where gambling took place and it lost its licence in 1906.

In recent years the premises have been used as a plumbers' merchants. More information on Hyde Cheshire.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Sepia Scene: Perspective on The Albion

The CDPB theme for today is perspective so I've tweaked the perspective on this photograph of the Albion at the top of John Street in order to straighten the verticals and converted it to sepia.

I could have considered cloning out the wheelie bins but I'd probably have made a mess of it, so I've left them in.

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