Tuesday, 13 September 2011

White lines on Dowson Road

New white lines on Dowson Road approaching Garside Street and Grosvenor Road.

The single broken white line coming from the left hand side originates near the corner of the bus stop. So now here is a question. Can you park on this stretch? Note that all the lines here are indeed white and not yellow.

Two more photos of the markings can be found on Hyde DP Xtra.


  1. What a wonderful sight that is !

    daily athens

  2. Something tells me that no this might not be a possible parking spot, not sure why especially as it's not even a solid white line, will be interesting to see what happens the first time someone tries it!

  3. What your photo doesn't show is that behind the spot from which you took it there is a bus stop where the kerb is built out into the road, so that the bus doesn't have to move out of the line of traffic when it stops. Further up the road, level with the car just in front of the motor bike and on the other side of Garside Street on the left, the kerb is again built out into the road. In the Traffic Signs Manual it states that the hard shoulder between two such obstructions should be hatched off 'to discourage its use'. There's nothing in the manual to say that parking isn't allowed, and this is controlled by the use of single- or double-yellow lines; there aren't any here, which means that parking is perfectly legal. Except that police, at their discretion, could book someone who parked there for 'causing an obstruction'.