Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ABC Wednesday: F is for Fitness for Females

The former Crown public house at the corner of Market Street and Nelson Street is now a Ladies only fitness and toning salon.

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  1. Small building, but it may build strong women.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Nice that they have a Ladies Gym. The modern posters in the windows seem a bit garish next to the buildings that have so much character.

  3. That's sad it closed!

    Forty Three

    Chubskulit, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. From pumping pints to pumping iron!

  5. In other words - only fit for ladies :-)

    PS If that is the case, you can thank Katney, who has put a lot of effort into rectifying the WV-subject.

  6. I have a physical fitness website for older guys like me. Guess what. The money is in the women. Guys don't work out. They sweat in steam rooms. I need a sweat page.

  7. The Fitness Physique is now bigger and better!
    They have now moved across the road on the corner of Market Street and Edna Street. (not the shitty one “fit phat” above the curry house)
    Better premises, good atmosphere, more fitness equipment including Toning tables, Power plates, sauna and much more.
    You can even get a personal training program, diet and all you need to get fit and healthy.
    Even personal training is available on request to ensure you reach your goal.
    I even heard that she is considering classes such as aerobic, stepping, kick box, Zumba, Mind & Body, Strength and even Senior classes, but is doing some research first to see which classes will be most popular with her members.
    As a member, I would definitely recommend it to any female!

  8. Shame you cant contact them though for details!!! Was interested in joining but when the landline is cut off and the person that answers the mobile tells you its the wrong number it doesn't fill you with much confidence that they are professionals!! Will definitely be going elsewhere.

    1. Well as the anon commentator in August noted they've moved to other premises - I've personally no connection with them - I just take photographs.