Tuesday, 21 February 2012

At the Bottom of Wellington Street

The bottom end of Wellington Street. Over the fence are new houses on the Moorside Place development. You can see them from the opposite direction when still under construction in my post of 24th April 2011.

The land formerly belonged to the Automasters Engineering Works. A notice on the remnant of the wall in front of the fence warns that only Wellington Street itself is open to the public. You can see the notice in full on Hyde DP Xtra.

Pitt Field cottages are out of sight on the left. See how they looked in 2008 on sithenah.

A footpath round the back of the fence leads between the M67 motorway and the new estate/former works to the towpath of the Peak Forest Canal.

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  1. I liked the effect of the low light on the colours - very rich. Not the mention the road sign :-)

    PS A pity about the spam. I have had one (which would probably have slipped by under the old system anyhow) since I removed WV, but I have kept on moderation from day 7.