Thursday, 30 January 2014

Signs on Pennine View

A new housing estate by Barratts is being built on the site of the former Harehills Primary School off Pudding Lane at Hattersley.

A large number of warning signs have been erected on the road leading to the current building work.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Harehill Road... a good name.

    And Sean O'Regan would be an ideal name for the sort of writing I do. Mind you, I don't think the real one would appreciate it, since his counterpart would likely end up being an Irish terrorist.

  2. Who needs a book, when all that reading material is so readily at hand!

  3. Do the hares that live in Harehill road bite? Or are there bears around?

  4. From the signs I see they can't just have anyone driving up Harehill. Fine signs.