Wednesday, 15 August 2012

ABC Wednesday: E is for Ewen Villa

The house at the top of Villiers Street is dated 1878.

The view is from the car park at Ewen Fields football ground, home of Hyde FC.

In the background is St John's church, Godley.

For ABC Wednesday.

Note: I'll be away in St Annes all this week and probably without internet access so will not be tweeting.

I've scheduled a post each day to go live at midnight BST and Julie Storry of Sydney Eye will be posting a notice to the CDPB Facebook page which is also where CDPB members can go to vote for September's theme day.


  1. I understand the point of the barriers, but I do find them not so attractive.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. And I wonder how the residents of that house feels about being so close to a football field. Incidentally, I already voted for theme day; do you think CDP will ever be rebuilt? Kate, ABC Team

  3. Fantastic Gerald - as ever. Nice to have you aboard too. Have a nice weekend.
    Denise ABC Team