Thursday, 16 August 2012

Old Bank, Old Shelter, New Post

With phase 2 of the market renewal ongoing there is good view of the side of the HSBC bank. Previously it was the Midland Bank and the Bank Chambers are over 100 years old - see Old Hyde.

On the right is the canopy of the "Heritage Bus Shelter" as it is known, originally a tram shelter and itself a Grade II listed structure.

In the centre of the newly reflagged portion of the market ground is a round metal post. I wonder what it will turn out to be.

Note: I'll be away in St Annes all this week and probably without internet access so will not be tweeting.

I've scheduled a post each day to go live at midnight BST and Julie Storry of Sydney Eye will be posting a notice to the CDPB Facebook page which is also where CDPB members can go to vote for September's theme day.

1 comment:

  1. The round metal post is in fact a power point supply for the burger vans i think i've seen two of these myself within the location of the picture!