Thursday, 14 June 2012

Signs of the times

This was originally the Borough Inn but in more modern times it was for many years the Nawabi Balti restaurant. Half of the sign for the restaurant is still showing.

Now the front part of the building has been converted into offices for the Akeeda Group. They seem to specialise in money transfers and travel tickets to the Indian subcontinent.

However there are still "To Let" signs up for the rear portion of the building.

And of course as Edna Street is a one-way street there is no-entry sign from Market Street.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Empty store fronts are a common sight in the U.S. The economy is awful here.

  2. I think this looks more suited to a restaurant than offices.
    The Akeeda sign could be a bit more imaginative for a corner property, couldn't it?!

  3. This could be an inner city suburb of Sydney except it doesn't have awnings out the front.

  4. Should still be a pub if it was not for the likes of Green King

  5. I too have trouble identifying the streets running off Market Street and usually have to look for the street name sign. Edna Street and Church Street are both one-way from Market Street to Oldham Street, but Edna Street only allows traffic out and Church Street allows traffic in. The property on the left-hand side of the Church Street/Market Street corner is 'Bargain Booze' which I think you've featured previously in your blog.

    1. Thanks Dave, yes it's Edna Street - post now edited.