Monday, 11 April 2011

Hattersley Cutting 2011

Yesterday I showed you the bridge at Hattersley and promised to show you the view therefrom.

The view is Eastward towards Broadbottom, Woodhead and Sheffield along the ex-Great Central Manchester - Sheffield main line, which since July 1981 was cut back to a local line just to Hadfield and Glossop. The very deep cutting used to be two tunnels until they were opened out in 1931. The masts for the electrification had been erected in 1939 but electrification was not complete until the New Woodhead Tunnel was opened in June 1954. The overhead gantries are still in use over 70 years later, although the system now operates at 25KV AC rather than the original 1500V DC.

See how it looked sixty years ago on Old Hyde.

See the coloured version of this on Geograph.

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  1. amazingly beautiful pricture. must be of challenge though, living that close to a railway.