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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Bridge at Hattersley

Last week on HDP Vol.1 I showed you Shadows entering Hattersley.

This is the view from about the same point looking in the opposite direction over the bridge towards Stockport. The hill in the background is Werneth Low which rises to a height of 279 metres (915 ft).

Halfway along the bridge is a group of pigeons. As I crossed the bridge they flew off but once I'd passed they returned.

You can see more of the pigeons on Hyde DP Xtra.

Tomorrow I will show you what they were looking at.

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  1. This is an interesting perspective - am glad to see at least one car using the road.

  2. how peaceful a sight. must be a joy to walk.

    daily athens

  3. Can you drive up Werneth Low?? I'll bet there is quite a view from there!

  4. Oh, dear, that poor gentleman is riding in a car without a driver :-). I immediately noticed the drivers placement in the car. This is an unusual looking bridge. It looks like a canal is running alined the left side of the motorway. It is a lovely road surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Nice capture.

  5. I'll be back tomorrow for more!

  6. Well Madge there is a narrow road that goes over the edge of the Low. Many views from there on Hyde Vol. 1 such as this one.

  7. Happy blog birthday! That shot is so archetypal Pennines, those hills are very distinctive.

  8. this is a very interesting perspective! and i agree with genie lol...looks so odd to us here!