Wednesday, 30 July 2014

ABC Wednesday: C is for Clarendon Place Car Park

With the old multi-storey car park finally demolished and the site cleared, a new council car park has been created at the bottom end of Clarendon Place near the entrance to the Clarendon Square Shopping Centre. It is especially good news for disabled drivers who can now park much closer to the entrance.

This one takes up about half the area of the old multi-storey; the other half will be the site of the KFC outlet which will be built soon.

Just nearby the car parks either side of Beeley Street are still operating but users need to be careful where they buy their tickets from as one is run by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and the other by Simple Intelligent Parking.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Adnan's takes the place of Passage to India

Adnan's Indian restaurant and takeaway opened earlier this month.

The premises were previously home to the Passage to India - see a photo from 2012 on Geograph - but it closed after many years in 2013.

Hyde has many takeaways and restaurants of various kinds and new ones are constantly opening up whilst a few close down. The CDPB theme for August 1st will be Takeaways but for that I'll be featuring one of the more longstanding business just a few doors away.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Village Green Well 2014

The Village Green Well 2014 celebrates 100 years of the Brownies.

In 1914, 4 years after Baden Powell agreed to start the Girl Guids, younger sisters clamoured to become useful guides too. The Guide Association set up Rosebuds for younger girls aged 7-10 years. They didn't have a programme to follow like the Brownies of today but contributed to their local community by doing such things as collecting clothing and household items for the war effort. A rosebud was expected to know how:
The Union Jack is made up and how to fly it
To tie a reef knot, sheetbend, clove hitch, bowline, sheepshank and fisherman's knot

Three years later their name was changed to Brownies who were led by the "Wise Brown Owl". The journey has evolved, following footpaths to various interest badges, challenges and adventures. The motto "Lend a Hand" has been watchword for Brownies throughout their 100 years and they are still helping in their community. The promise has changed several times but the core of it remains the same "To do their best, and to help other people."

The symbols on their picture represent different aspects of Brownies:
The original Rosebud
The rose is for the Gardener badge
The dolphin for Friend to Animals Badge
The Hand for "Lend a Hand"
Everyone remembers jumping over the Toadstool!
Brown Owl
The modern Brownie

Although well-dressing is a custom mostly confined to Derbyshire, it can be seen in adjacent counties too. Well dressing celebrations were held regularly in Gee Cross from the 1820s until 1878. The custom was revived by the local Women's Institute in 2000.

For photographs from earlier years and links to more information about well dressing see this link.

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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Buddleia shadows on Garside Street

Buddleia (Buddleja davidii), is a medium to large perennial shrub with long arching branches. The lilac/purple flowers occur in dense pyramidal shaped panicles, which produce large quantities of nectar. The opposite leaves are lance shaped, deep green above and white-tomentose below. It is an increasing, naturalised garden escape, that is especially prevalent on urban and disturbed sites. It has become an important nectar source for many species of butterfly and moth, especially in urban areas where natural habitats have been lost and gardens are now important corridors for wildlife moving about the country.

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Friday, 25 July 2014

No more Cheshire Cheese in Broadbottom

The former Thwaites brewery pub, the Cheshire Cheese in Broadbottom joins the list of hostelries closed and shuttered up.

See how it looked four years ago on Geograph.

The bus on the right was waiting to pick up a group of school children who had been exploring the nearby Lymefield Visitor Centre.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sheffield or Stockport

With a background of private apartments it is difficult to capture a good photograph of this old signpost erected by "Hyde Corporation" on Lumn Road. It was opposite the end of Queen Street which was a one-way street on to which lorries from James North factory exited. The factory closed in the late 1990s and this end of Queen Street was closed off making the sign redundant.

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