Friday, 20 March 2015

Final end of Carrfield Mill

Compare this with the photograph I took in February 2013.

Two years on and the offices of Welspun at Carrfield Mill have finally been demolished and I took this new photo after poking my phone-camera through the fence.

Now that it has all gone a 7 acre industrial and office development site is up for sale.

See how it looked when the Ashton Brothers' mill complex, Carrfield Mill, Bayleyfield Mill and Balaclava Mill, was extant on Old Hyde.

A contribution to Good Fences.


  1. wow. quite a destruction site. it was pretty at one time!

  2. There is something wrong with the link to "February 2013"
    But no matter how it looked then, it looks terrible now.
    No pretty sight for the residents!
    Have a great time

    1. Thanks for spotting the bad link - now corrected

    2. :)))))
      I have to correct myself - it's looking way better now :))

  3. Gerald, As you will be aware, these mills (as they were in their original, working form) were the sight that met you as you entered Hyde having travelled from Ashton and Dukinfield. They seemed the kind of northern homes of industry that had been there since before our grandparents and would have provided jobs and a living for many hundreds of families down the years - I wouldn't doubt they were probably Hyde's biggest employers at one stage or another in time. So, now they've gone and, like many of the towns in this area, a large part of our history will disappear once that massive pile of bricks, twisted metal and wooden beams is spirited away, the area flattened, and something tremendously modern is erected in their place.