Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The end of Dowson Road

The junction at the end of Dowson Road where the A627 turns left on to Market Street. Across the junction between M A Neil's carpet shop (originally a Co-op store) and Ricky Hatton's gymnasium is Queen Street. Snow can be seen on the Pennine Hills in the background.

A contribution to Our World Tuesday.


  1. But for the snow I doubt I would have noticed the Pennines. Did you have much snow around town? There has been very little down here.

  2. The end of the road reminds me of an experience I had long ago .. driving on Interstate 40 in North Carolina .. I saw a sign which said I40 ends in five miles .. given I had grown up in a small town in Texas where I40 was the only highway in our to of the town .. I had unconsciously thought that I40 when on forever or maybe it ended in the ocean .. but it is a valid life lesson that all roads do end,.

  3. The hills look covered with snow ! We have some snow in the Ardennes


  4. The hills seem to be completely snow clad.It must be pretty cold still.

  5. I imagine this junction gets very busy!

  6. i know this junction very well, i notice they have widened it through the years, as for the gym it used to be a block of private garages.
    i cannot believe how much in 30 years hyde has changed... as for snow my friends we currently have 6 feet and counting here in Boston!!
    former hydonion and greenieboy