Monday 26 January 2015

Barclays Bank for sale

Barclays Bank is apparently for sale. Actually it is just the building. It isn't that the bank is moving out - they lease the building and pay a yearly rent which presumably the new owners would collect. Details of the sale are on the Prideview Property website

The building was built for Martins Bank in 1965. Martins merged with Barclays in 1969. See how it used to look on Old Hyde.

A contribution to Blue Monday.


  1. Not too much of a contrast between then and now, though the ATM is an addition!

  2. Hi Gerald,

    I missed you the past couple of weeks. I hope Mr. Linky is not getting you down. Funny, but when I check it from this end, your link if just fine. All that needs doing is the photo. I click it and BAM! it's done.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Nice shot! Mergers all the time. The one I disliked the most was the phone companies! Aaackh ! Just merge to raise the rates. Happy Blue Monday to you! Come visit soon and enjoy your week.