Saturday 18 October 2014

A strange angle of reflection

This week's contribution to Weekend Reflections poses a strange question - and no I don't know the answer.

I was standing by the side of the NatWest bank on Market Street close to the cash dispenser (a.k.a. ATMS, hole-in-the-wall) and shooting up the street. A woman walked past me just as I was taking the photograph.

What seems strange to me though is that I have captured a reflection of the back of her head but surely that would happen if she was behind me but in fact she is in front of me.

I thought I knew about geometry and angles but now I'm not so sure. Maybe the metal-work around the ATM doesn't reflect in the same way an ordinary mirror does.


  1. I've noticed some of the same with mirrors, odd things like that.

  2. Is this not something to do with when you look in a mop iron it is the opposite view. No good at geometry ! Fantastic reflections. Have a great weekend

  3. If she's already walked past you then you're going to see the back of her head if you turn to look at her, or at her reflection in a mirror. You'd only see a reflection of her face if she hadn't yet walked past you.

  4. I like the point of view on the city, it looks so casual, with this lady's pony tail in plain sight...