Thursday, 11 September 2014

Old signage revealed

Google Streetview imagery dated 2011 shows the shop between Bennett's Staff Bureau and Zeenath's (two long established businesses) on Market Street as "The Jewellery Bar".

A year later it was Stin-Arch Ventures (a mobile-phone shop) - see this post from October 2012.

Another year on and it had changed to Muscle Freaks - see this post from October 2013.

Now it is closed again and part of the old signage of an even earlier business "The Boutique" is visible.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Must not be a good location for retail business, or they haven't found the right product. Odd that the bottom half of the sign is gone.

  2. Zeenath looks intriguing! I bet you could dig around in there for a while.

  3. There are shops here that are the same, in and out of tenants with regularity, while the units next to them have been there for years.

  4. The home made job next door is "interesting".

  5. Does it keep changing because of high rents? Tom The Backroads Traveller