Wednesday, 3 September 2014

ABC Wednesday: H is for Hippodrome

The side of what was originally the Hippodrome.

It closed in the 1960s and the building was converted into a "Supermarket" though actually it was more like an "inside market" with various independent stalls on two storeys and included a very popular café which was located in the smaller building jutting out with four windows visible. Although this part is now accessed from Long Meadow car park via a fire escape there were originally steps inside leading to the café.

That closed in the 1990s and was vacant for a few years before opening as "Quality Save" but only the ground floor is used for retailing and is accessed from Clarendon Street.

The top storeys at this end are now occupied by Powerhouse Gym and accessed from Borough Arcade on the other side of the building.

For some more history and old photos see the Hydonian blog.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. Happy to see that a heritage building is not demolished!

  2. From this angle, it looks quite imposing.

  3. I'm wondering what a hippodrome is. Or rather, was.

  4. I like ho they keep reusing the building!

  5. Oh dear, what a depressing photo of an old English building -- complete with rain. Sorry, but cities are so unappealing to me.