Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Maypole Dancing at Gee Cross Fete

Children from Godley School dancing round a maypole. Their teacher is desperately trying to keep the pole upright as they dance around it.

For more photos from Gee X fete visit Gee Cross Fete 2014.

A contribution to
Ruby Tuesday;
Our World Tuesday.


  1. Calling by today from Our World Tuesday, lovely but what a shame they did not sort the pole out!

  2. Wonder how many hours of practising that took. Good on the teacher for not letting a falling maypole spoil their big moment.

  3. Note the pole wasn't fixed it was her job to keep it upright

  4. I remember a maypole routine from my childhood. Every other child walked counter-clockwise and went over and under to weave the ribbons.