Monday, 21 July 2014

Booths Well 2014


The Gee Cross & District Women's Institutes's 2014 theme for decorating Booths Well is commemorating the centenary of the First World War.

Although well-dressing is a custom mostly confined to Derbyshire, it can be seen in adjacent counties too. Well dressing celebrations were held regularly in Gee Cross from the 1820s until 1878. The custom was revived by the local Women's Institute in 2000.

For photographs from earlier years and links to more information about well dressing see this link.

A contribution to
Monday Mellow Yellows;
Blue Monday;
Monday Murals.


  1. I had not heard of well dressing before. An appropriate theme for this year, looking at the work done here.

  2. Hi Gerald,

    I like the idea of prettying up wells. Isn’t it fun finding blue?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. I've seen well dressing before, this is a really well done one

  4. i think i've learned about well dressing from your blog in the past...a nice tribute

  5. Fantastic memorial. I've never heard of a well dressing, but it's nice to hear they're becoming popular again.

  6. The University of California used to sponsor anthropological research studies on well dressing every summer. I find it touching that WWI is commemorated with such devotion. We rarely hear about such events occurring here. WWII is the big one for us. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.