Wednesday, 16 April 2014

ABC Wednesday: N is for Norfolk Street

Norfolk Street runs parallel to Market Street from Union Street to Reynold Street.

It used to cross Reynold Street and carry on to the Market Place but that part was demolished in the 1960s when the precinct that later developed into the Clarendon Square Shopping Centre was created.

The Norfolk Arms was demolished as part of that development but is remembered by a blue plaque - see Old Hyde for details.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. The architecture of the houses reminds me of some I've seen here.

  2. I wonder if that white car backing into traffic would be safe.

  3. Wonderful click of a nice street!

  4. It's a view that can only be the UK. Great perspective too.

  5. Neat and Nicely framed.
    Happy ABCW!