Saturday, 30 November 2013

Moorside Place nearing completion

The last of the new houses at Moorfield Place facing the Peak Forest Canal seem to be nearly completed.

See the ones alongside Manchester Road on Hyde DP Xtra.

The willows are as always weeping over their reflection in the canal.

Previous views of the Peak Forest Canal from Manchester Road:A contribution to Friday Fences and Weekend Reflections.


  1. One of those canals I would long to travel on.

  2. I love canals even they have new housing going up by them

  3. belle photo !
    Joli post!
    Have a nice week-end! Cath.

  4. Lovely reflection photo of the willows ~ looks like a great place to live ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  5. They've built the houses so they look older than they actually are - not a bad thing, in «Louis'» view...

    A nice capture of the reelections in the water, Gerald. :-)

  6. A nice canal.. Hyde is really a great town, for whom is able to look at it with love.