Monday, 21 October 2013

Recycling: Blue, Green or Brown?

A blue coloured display on Hyde Civic Square on Saturday was promoting green recycling.

Some of the emphasis was on the brown bins supplied to most households for recycling waste food.

A contribution to Blue Monday.


  1. We have
    Green bin - general waste
    Brown bin - garden waste
    Grey box - food waste
    Blue bin - other recyclable waste - paper, glass, etc.

  2. LOL They should have remained blue!

    Happy Blue Monday, Gerald!

  3. Our recycle is all in one green bucket--I'm just glad they pick it up.

  4. I have to organise and drop off to various points all our recycling waste but I'm happy to do my bit.
    I just wish they would collect ;D
    Great shot! I hope the crowds came along later?
    Have a great day.