Monday, 14 October 2013

Houses on the corner of Alice Street

A group of four cottages on Stockport Road, Gee Cross.

At one time these would have all looked the same and there would have been more houses along Alice Street. The latter street is now little more than a car park.

Over the years these properties have been improved with a variety of changes. Two have added front porches, one has a small bay window, others have double-glazing and one even has solar panels in the roof.

As the Alice Street side elevation shows, they may have small frontages but they extend backwards a good way.

A contribution to Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors.


  1. What a nice selection you've found! I always like things that were once identical, but have each evolved into their own personalities... and I'm very impressed with the solar panels! Great find!

  2. Because of the drainpipe, if you stand where the car's parked at the end of Alice Street it looks as if it's called 'Lice Street'.

  3. Nice capture. Time passages. Thanks for sharing.