Thursday, 12 September 2013

Crossing the red line out of Asda

At the exits to the Asda supermarket are these signs saying "Trolleys will automatically stop if taken if taken beyond the red line".

I've always wondered what the mechanism was that prevented the trolleys from crossing the line, but I've never had the temerity to try and find out.

Most other supermarkets have their trolleys in chains and they can only be separated by the insertion of a returnable pound coin which encourages people not to go off with them, but Asda don't operate that system and you can pick one up without fumbling for change.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Clever, indeed. Would like to know their secret!


  2. Done a bit of research and it seems the red line is a kind of electronic fence that will detect a signal from a microchip that locks the brakes - probably wouldn't stop a determined thief but ...

  3. No escape for the trolleys!

  4. trolleys! we call them shopping carts, or in the south, buggies!

  5. We have only one place where you have to pay for a [buggy] trolley. This is a good idea.