Saturday, 24 August 2013

Weekend in Black & White: Wharfinger Warehouse

The three-storey Wharfinger Warehouse was erected by the Peak Forest Canal Company in 1828. It is a Grade II listed building now used as offices by the Tameside & Glossop Primary Care Mental Health Service.

Manchester Road Canal Bridge was built in 1804. The original elliptical-arch tunnel which is grooved for stop planks was widened to the north in the mid 1800s with a truncated elliptical keystone arch which is now partly obscured by the 20th century footpath bridge.

In September 2012 Canadian Geese could stand in Moorside Place on the right, but now that more houses are being constructed alongside the canal, it may soon look as hemmed in as it did in January 2008 before the Automasters Works was demolished.

View the canal from the top of the bridge on Hyde DP Xtra.

A contribution to The Weekend in Black and White.


  1. Very nice shot and the reflection adds so much to it.

  2. wow...that's really fabulous...

  3. Lovely photo, nice reflections!
    Perfect using B&W!

  4. Great building, with perfect reflections.

  5. In B&W, the reflection appears without distractions.
    Great choice using B&W.

  6. You have done something with the structure her - very fitting.