Friday, 12 July 2013

Friday Fences: Behind Cheetham Hill Road

On Monday I showed you a view of the junction at the end of Cheetham Hill Road.

Today's view shows what is behind the new fences there. Compare it with the same scene in July 2011.

Hyde Mill, designed by the architect Sidney Scott, was completed in 1906. The site had been acquired by The Hyde Spinning Co Ltd from the trustees of CJ Ashton at a rent of £10 per annum, with free water rights. The Mill was four storeys in height and 47 bays in length and was faced with bright red brick with an Italianate water tower at its south western corner. When the mill was fully furnished with all the machinery it contained 116,532 mule spindles.

Hyde Mill closed in 1958 with 250 jobs being lost. It was sold to J. A. Pattrieouoex, manufacturers of Senior Service cigarettes. The Gallagher group purchased the mill for £110,000 in 1959 from the Hyde Spinning Company. The Mill continued to be used as a cigarette factory for over 40 years with considerable extensions being carried out. In 1999 the factory was closed by Gallaghers as production was transferred to Northern Ireland.

It was bought by the Findel Education group of companies, who erected new offices on the site. Demolition of the old mill began in September 2009.

Work on building an estate of new houses known as "Cotton Mills" began in 2011. So far between half and two-thirds of the site has been built on.

For more photographs of Hyde Mill see Geograph.

A contribution to Friday Fences.


  1. It has unmistakably an english accent. Difficult to point but it is there. The bay windows and the shelters are a good start.

  2. Enjoyed reading your post. Nice fence!

  3. lots of history on this site! Looks nice

  4. A very nice and pretty gated area.

  5. Looks all nice and tidy Gerald your last shot was rather muddy. It is nice to see some redevelopment going on, I must say the feeling locally is more optimistic so we may also be seeing some new housed soon.. All the best, Don

  6. Oh, Wow! That is fantastic picture of the interesting place. Beautiful and neat house and very nice fence!

    You are such a great photographer!

  7. I assume this is Hyde and not the Cheetham Hill area of north Manchester ?