Saturday, 11 May 2013

Weekend Reflections on a Black Car

Reflected in the side of the black car is the entrance to the Clarendon Shopping Centre. Not only is the car parked on double-yellow lines it is blocking the dropped kerb crossing which it seems often appears invisible to drivers who believe it is acceptable to park directly in front of it preventing access for wheelchair users.

Perhaps their drivers don't reflect about it but think that they won't be there for long (being quick shoppers or only visiting the hole-in-the-wall - ATM - for cash) and that their own needs come before those of others.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.


  1. Creative shot and great reflections ~ ^_^

  2. Great little car and great reflections as well!!

  3. Ok, got to ask.
    Friendly Local what?
    Newspaper? Coffee shop? Pharmacy?

  4. Shiny cars can gie off some fine reflections. Nice. genie