Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Postbox SK14 31

Red postbox SK14 31 on the corner of Dowson Road and Grosvenor Road.

Above the posting slot there used to be a notice informing users of the "Next Collection" time but nowadays that isn't used.

A larger notice informs that the last collection on Mondays to Fridays is made at 5.45pm and on Saturdays at 11am. There is no Sunday collection.

Nearly all postboxes carry a regnal signature which in this case is that of Queen Elizabeth II.

See a wider view on Hyde DP Xtra.

For Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.


  1. I wish I ran the Royal Mail/Post Office. They've lost heart, lost the track, lost the point. One post a day.

  2. SK14 31 could do with a visit from Romec.

  3. Now it's bigger and it is a post box! :)

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    gerbera daisy
    hearts and arrows

  4. It seems to have seen better times, but that makes it all the more interesting as a photographic subject.