Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dunkirk Lane

With the wet weather predominating, I thought I'd delve into my archives and find an unpublished photo from September.

On the left is Frederick House,the Social Care & Health offices of Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council.

On the right is Newton Hall.

Ahead is the steeple of St Stephen's Church (1891-2011).

Behind us the lane leads past the home of Starchaser Rockets down to the Peak Forest Canal.

For Our World Tuesday.


  1. I do love the quiet, small town street! Lovely capture for the day, Gerald! Hope you have a great week!

  2. With no cars on the road it could be small town USA.

  3. Another fine tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  4. Looks like a pretty town! The steeple and the trees look beautiful. Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

  5. Can't wait for spring to arrive !

    Please have a good Tuesday.

  6. hello gerald - eileen from bolton here - this is another of hydes "gems".
    on visiting tom and jane's house off talbot road i walk down here with john to his house on manchester road. each season brings differant memories.
    the newton hall has a fantasic history. wow! the starchaser rocket took my breath away the first time i saw it parked-up outside it's warehouse - i didn't even know it was based there. we can pick sweet, juicy blackberries on the left outside fredrick house in autumn. over the narrow canal bridge is a nice car park for visitors.
    the landscaped area behind the car park was used as a huge tip by tameside council for years up to the late 1960's. dad took us a few times on a sundays to see if we could find anything useful. disgusting looking back at that i know and dangerous. the rubbish was hot, smokey and dusty with seagulls scavaging for food. if you lost your footing you would slide down. if we were lucky we would come home clutching decent quality toys and unopened bottles of purfume and lipstick for mum - but we had to get a bath first - the smell was awful - ha! ha!
    the farm and cottages near the car park are other buildings that must have a facinating history to them. the farm is still in use today. the cottages could do with some double glazing - it must be freezing living there.
    the short footpath between the farm and car park leads down to the river. to the right you can get to st. anns church or walk further on past light industry with it's own stories to tell, to denton north to a few pubs where you can get a nice sunday lunch.
    if you turn left you will see a working farm with atables and haulage company over the river in denton. you can see a lake/pond with ducks and other water birds. follow the path and go past the horses in the fields. this is a nice short walk where dogs love having their own little adventures in the trees and bushes near the well kept football field. you walk under the motorway, past the old folks home, onto manchester road where you can get the best cup of tea in hyde. thanks john!

  7. A feeling of "early Sunday morning" :)