Thursday, 27 December 2012

Signs on Market Street

The shop next door to the large road sign opened in September 2011 as the offices of the Just Help Foundation. See my photograph posted 21st March 2012. Since then it has closed and the website for the foundation is a "parked domain".

Now it is the offices of MPS Enterprises, a member of the Akeeda group who have moved from their previous offices in the former Nawabi Balti which is now vacant again. See my photograph posted 14th June 2012.

As for the curious sign on the gate next door - "Rent a Washer", I've no idea exactly what it refers to.

For signs, signs.


  1. This is like a nook of signs with stories to tell! Interesting street corner!

  2. I like the description "Leisure Pool".

  3. I would imagine the rent a washer sign means 'rent a washing machine'. Even in this day and age some people still don't own one!