Sunday, 9 December 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday: Unity Inn

The Robinson's pub on the corner of Oldham Street and Croft Street casts its shadow on the house below.

A contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. Love you shadow shot for the day, Gerald! It looks so bright, sunny and cheerful!! Hope your weekend has been the same!!

  2. The windows and the doors are uniform in shape and design which adds symmetry to the building. The play of light on the top of the photo certainly is eye-catching.

  3. It looks like a private house, rather than a public house.

  4. Great Shadow Shot. Love how the shadow of the chimney on the left is so clearly shown. What is the object on the side of the building on the left hand side?

  5. G´day Mr. G.

    How's life been? Seems you still have a great weather compare to us.

    You casted a great shot!

    Happy SSS.

  6. Interesting building with interesting shadows cast on it and even a window reflection.

  7. Love the shadow on the left side as well~!

    Sea Horse Shadow
    Hope you'd come and see when you get a chance.

  8. A beautiful picture !

    Please have a good new week ahead.

  9. I love the golden sunlight as much or more than the shadow! I don't know why, but I love all the doors and windows.