Sunday, 23 December 2012

Market Street Shadows

Tha shadows are falling across the bottom of Market Street as yet another business bites the dust.

Waterways bathroom and tiles showroom has now closed down and the premises are up for rent. On the left is the Donnybrook Medical Centre by the bus station. The shuttered shop on the right was once the surgery of Dr Shipman.

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For Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. Gerald, here in the U.S. we put out "For Rent" signs. The first time I travelled to London, the "To Let" signs threw me; I glanced so quickly my brain translated the words as "Toilet"!

    Merry Christmas to you!

    Icicle Shadows

  2. It does have an abandoned and ghostly look to it!

  3. A thoughtful mean to measure time and life.

  4. Seeing Shipman's surgery gives this image a very eerie effect indeed...

  5. Looks very sad.

    Candle Shadow
    Wishing you a happy holidays and a joyous new year!

  6. Sad to see businesses fade to this! But a thoughtful photo evolves with rather symbolic deep shadows!