Saturday, 10 November 2012

Weekend Reflections on Market Street

Reflected in the window of "Subway" is the "Cash Generator" store that replaced "Rumbelows" after they went bust many years ago.

Newly opened next to "Subway" is "Café at 64" the new location for Cordwell's Café after their Market Place premises were taken over by Ladbroke's.

Their window not only reflects "Cash Generator" but also the HSBC (formerly Midland) Bank.

Check out the view from the opposite direction - The pedestrian crossing and the bank from inside "Subway" - in my post from May 2007.

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  1. Our local Subways are located at mostly strip malls. I wonder what the red-headed lady is looking at. Maybe she's checking for the green light?
    happy weekend!

  2. This street corner looks remarkably like one in Quincy, just a bit north of here.

  3. Interesting to see your local shops.

  4. I too wondered about the red-headed lady. Watching a reflected traffic light? :-)

  5. Nice captured, - kind of street photo!
    Well done!

  6. The red-headed lady's doing what I do - ignore the red/green man symbol, watch the green traffic light, when it turns red check there's no traffic going to jump the red light, then walk across. You can usually be at least half-way across the road before the little green man appears. If you can't walk too quick it gives you a chance of getting to the other side before the light changes again.