Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shops on Manchester Road

Compare if you will with the scene in October 2010.

"Peter's Beds" is still going strong at one end.

So is the Indian restaurant and takeaway "Saffron" next to the "KwikFit" tyre and exhaust centre.

In the middle though the "Big Bite Pizza" has changed to the "Hyde Kebab House" (although the neon sign appears to be the same and the shop seems to be boarded up rather than shuttered) and "Hyde Domestics" has been replaced by a tattoo and piercing parlour called "To The Point".

For signs, signs.


  1. Love the front of that tattoo parlor! What an eclectic grouping of stores along that corner.

  2. The buildings seem to be in better shape today!

  3. i guess people got tired of pizza.:p
    you sure have a diverse community.

  4. It is not a stretch of road that invites window shopping, is it?!

  5. May time and life please treat them kind.