Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ruby Tuesday: Fever ward awaits demolition

Hyde Hospital was built in 1886 as a "Fever Hospital". By 1929 it was known as Hyde Infectious Diseases Hospital. From 1948-1955 it was known again as Hyde Isolation Hospital. In the late 1980s, wards 1 to 3 were demolished to make way for Hyde Nursing Home.

This red-brick building, Ward 4, known to many as the TB ward, continued to be used by some ancillary services until 1996. It is now being demolished.

More photos of the demolition can be found on Hyde DP Xtra.

For Ruby Tuesday.


  1. I hope whoever designs its replacement did a course on the importance of light and windows when s/he trained as an architect.

  2. Great shot! It's sad that it's being demolished.

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  3. An ugly block in my eyes that can only be improved upon?

  4. One always has to wonder, what stories a building could tell if it were possible to communicate with us.
    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  5. Glad to know that you captured the building for remembrance.