Monday, 15 October 2012

Blue Monday: Take a Fresh Look

A fresh looking Hyde Market, with the Town Hall in the background, on a sunny day following the recent £1.2 million refurbishment.

There are many moaning-ownies decrying the changes but at least Hyde still has a market unlike neighboroughing Denton so long may it flourish.

I just hope they are going to re-paint the stall roofs in the bright colours they used to sport.

See how it looked under construction in July

A contribution to Blue Monday.


  1. I hope you get your bright colours back too. The huts on Weymouth beach (where you can by inflatable rings and ice-creams and cups of tea) were traditional sea-side colours until the Olympics - when they were changed from red and yellow and blue vertical stripes to a sort of airforce blue on horizontal planks. I imagine it's meant to look sophisticated. It doesn't! (Just dull!)

  2. Nice, fresh and green looking... you're right about the old candy coloured ones though. They add real character!

  3. This does look new and fresh, but somehow has lost the buzzing, erratic colour of a market?

  4. I just seen the colorful stall roofs before; it's more inviting people to come :)

  5. It appears to be too chilly for outdoor shopping. See that guy with a muff around his mouth? Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday, Gerald.

  6. Great shot. The place is so neat. My Blue Monday are here and here.

  7. Simply beautiful!

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  8. I want to check it out too :-) Dropping by from Blue Monday :-)