Sunday, 23 September 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday: Exiting the trail

The exit from the Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Route #62 on to Osborne Road.

For more information on the trail and cycle route and to see how it used to look from the opposite direction view my post from January 2012.

For Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. What a lovely, sunny, leafy shadow shot for the day!! Hope you have a great weekend, Gerald!

  2. Mr. G! your shot looks so alive.

    I remember when I was a young girl, reading kid's book? I recall some parts and photos. Exactly like this §:-)

    Ur a great photographer. Job well done.

    Happy SSS...

  3. Now, this is my kind of spot. Buddy is leading a hike up a mountain tomorrow while I hang out here at the house. My back cannot take the mountain steepness. These shadows are beautiful. Perfection. Thanks for telling me that it was traditional to leave the flowers prior to the death of Princess Dianna. I had not really thought about it, but it does make sense. I agree with you that the tradition has become more prevalent and flowers and gifts are being left in greater quantities. genie

  4. Very nice shot. A path leading out from the shadowy trail into the sun.
    Nice capture.
    Happy Sunday!

  5. a great shady place to cycle...

  6. Such an inviting shot.
    The color and light is perfect.