Thursday, 2 August 2012

Signs at Clough Gate

Signs at the Clough Gate entrance to Gower Hey Woods.

There is a "No Tipping" sign which doesn't mean you don't have to give gratuities to anyone but is addressed to fly-tippers who dump rubbish (shame is they can't read).

Another sign is "No Firearms and No Motorcycles" - the latter seems sensible as there's certainly been problems with people driving motorbikes where they shouldn't. But surely firearms are illegal anywhere so why the need for a specific prohibition here?

Behind is a "Welcome" signboard with a map of the area and details of the wildlife that can be encountered here.

Also there's a gas-main indicator below another sign that appears to have been covered over (but is in fact a marker - see the comments).

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. When I go walking I like looking for signs. That one on the post about gas is pretty small. Great find!


  2. Interesting assortment of signs!

  3. the 'no firearms' surprised me as well.
    the 'no tipping' sounds odd, where we would say 'no dumping'.
    now that I think about it, they both sound odd, don't they?

  4. 'no tipping' is something i haven't seen before.:p
    we have 'no firearms' signs here at doors of banks, theaters and bars. it's illegal to carry weapons but some people think they're above the law.


  5. here in the US I'd love to see no firearms signs everywhere
    seems my entire nation is armed

    anyway - pretty scene

  6. No kidding, Diane. And in some states, open carry! We were driving on a road in AZ, and a motorcyclist zoomed by with a gun on his hip. Yikes! Hope he doesn't have road rage!

    But back to the signs - be good to read them all before entering!

  7. The sign that appears to be covered up is in fact a marker post indicating a gas main that is part of our national grid is below, these can be seen from the air and are flown over by helicopters to check for any building or ground works going on near to the pipes.