Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bus Stop Yellow

Yellow lines delineate the bus stop at the end of Talbot Road, Newton.

The house across the roundabout at the end of Talbot Road is called Chapel Hill and has a date stone reading 1912. I beleive it was formerly a Wesleyan Chapel. To the left on Matley Road are modern terraces dating (I think) from the 1970s or 1980s. To the right the cottages on Victoria street are probably late Victorian.

Behind the bus stop on the left is the Bay Horse. The public house is currently boarded up as you can see on Hyde DP Xtra.

For Mellow Yellow Monday.

Note: I'll be away in St Annes all this week and probably without internet access so will not be tweeting.

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  1. You're right Gerald, that house (I think it's two houses actually) was previously a Wesleyan Chapel and was so when we first went to live in Talbot Road in 1980. It was converted before we left Talbot Road, so that would have been in the mid-1980s. I can't find any mention of the Chapel in The History of Hyde.

    Strangely, the little stretch of Talbot Road shown in your photograph, just that bit in front of the Bay Horse, is still shown in my A-Z of about 1964 as 'Muslin Street', although the rest of the road as far as Ashton Road is shown as 'Talbot Road'.