Sunday, 24 June 2012

Do I have to walk through the water?

After all the recent rain there is a huge puddle under the Dowson Road bridge over the TransPennine Trail.

I passed by a woman walking her dogs and when I turned round I saw the youngest dog looking up at its mistress.

Did she pick it up or did it get its feet wet?

See the answer on Hyde DP Xtra.

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  1. What a wonderful moment in time, very sweet and a great photo.

  2. The English countryside always looks so very lush and green..yeh I know all that rain will do that haha! Glad to see the little dog at least got a lift over the puddle part, I should imagine there's a few doggy washes after a walk like this.

  3. Greetings from Oman!!
    Great capture and love the greenery and your walk.Have a great sunday!


  4. It's a beauty of a spot to take a walk. Looks like a Bichon. Most dogs would gladly tromp around in that water, but Bichons can be a wee bit bitchy about something like that. I'd guess she picked up the little thing and carried it across.

  5. Oh, I'm sure she picked it's white.