Monday, 4 June 2012

The Cup Cake Queen of Hyde

The indoor market at Clarendon Mall organised a celebration for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on Saturday. All the stalls were decorated with union flags; there were tombolas; face-painting and more.

At the top of the upstairs ramp by the "Devon Eggs" stall cup cakes, scones and other delights were for sale, all in aid of Willow Wood Hospice.

How else would you celebrate 60 years on the throne?

A contribution to Mellow Yellow Monday.


  1. Yes, I can quite understand folk over your way going quite nuts for the next few days. Enjoy the celebrations!

  2. It seems to be a very worthy way of celebrating it. &0 years on the throne is respectable - to say the least.

  3. A wonderful mean to measure time and life.

    Congratulations upon this achievement. Please have a good new week ahead.

  4. I'm stoked about the Queen's 60th anniversary. I'm pulling for her to become the longest reigning British monarch in history. Given that her mum lived past 100, it's possible.