Thursday, 17 May 2012


A year ago the Jaipur had taken over the restaurant on Clarendon Place that had previoiusly been the Bengal Spice. Prior to that it had briefly been the Bay Leaf after the Garlic relocated to Clarendon Mall.

A few months ago the Jaipur moved here taking over the Clove on Market Street.

Meanwhile on Clarendon Place the sign for the Bengal Spice has gone back up, but there is no name on the front and it hasn't actually reopened.


  1. A thoughtful mean to measure time and life indeed. Success to its business. Please have a good Thursday.

  2. Interesting- what's it like to dine in?

  3. This shop at one time was called Togo's and sold the best Sarsaparilla in the land. Coming from Hyde baths of an evening it was the first stop.