Wednesday, 23 May 2012

ABC Wednesday:S is for a Student from Salford University

The student from Salford University is taking part in an archaeological dig at Newton Hall.

Newton Hall, a Grade II listed building and one of Britain's earliest cruck-framed buildings, stands on the corner of Dukinfield Road and Dunkirk Lane in Hyde, Cheshire. It eventually became used as a barn for the farm that occupied part of the site. It was encased in a brick building having a blue slate roof. When the farm buildings were being demolished in the 1960s, to make way for industrial buildings, the contractor saw the ancient cruck-framed construction and, realising it was an important ancient building, stopped demolition immediately. The other farm buildings were later demolished but the original medieval hall was preserved. Sir George Kenyon, the Chairman of William Kenyon & Sons Ltd of Dukinfield, rescued it. Browns of Wilmslow undertook the restoration work and this was completed in 1970.

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In April 2012 Tameside History Forum in conjunction with Salford University undertook an archaeological dig at the site. Over 500 photographs of the excavation can be found on their Photobucket gallery.

More photographs of the dig are on Hyde DP Xtra and some of their finds and more information about the Hall can be found on Old Hyde.

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  1. Painstaking work! My daughter was into archaeology for a while, so we both know.

    abcw team

  2. I'm so glad history has been preserved.
    Hard backbreaking work but so worth it.

  3. Wonderful picture, which shows the very essence of history. Makes one feel time. Please have a good Wednesday.

  4. tough job; happy that someone is doing it
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Diligent student! Now following your blog.

    S is for..
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team