Wednesday, 30 May 2012

ABC Wednesday: T is for Tom Shepley Street

A street of terraced houses off Orchard Street leading to Lumn Road.

Who was Tom Shepley?

I don't know much except that he was councillor for Godley Ward in the 1880s. The Shepley family owned The Lumn, the oldest house in Hyde. This was in the area between Ridling Lane and Lumn Road known as Lumn Hollow. Here you will also find John Shepley Street and simply Shepley Street.

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  1. Good shot and interesting post. Sometimes I see streets named after people and wonder how their name ended up on a street. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team

  2. Hopefully people know each other, living side by side.

    Please have a good Wednesday.

  3. a mystery!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I guess naming a street after a councillor makes sense. I like the photograph.

  5. This could be a street in Holland - the building style with the tiny front yards! Thanks for sharing!