Sunday, 8 April 2012

Junior Orchard Shadows

The orchard in Hyde Park was created by local schoolchildren in November 2010.

See how it looked in June 2011.

A contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.

From Monday afternoon I shall be away in St Annes for a week. A series of posts have been scheduled for the period but as I expect to be offline they won't be tweeted by me nor posted on Facebook.


  1. Well, haven't they grown nicely?! Or at least they had some foliage in the more recent photo. What are the black cones around the trunks for?

  2. a very typically English scene - lovely

  3. What a difference the leaves make in the shot from the link. This is a great project for the schoolchildren.

  4. It is a great project. A very serene shot.

  5. the littler trees don't cast the shadow of the larger ones in the foreground...but they'll get there. lovely shot!!

  6. A great idea for children to feel a part of a community project! And they can see their efforts growing and making a difference to the landscape! Delightful!

  7. Am sure the kids will be proud of this project when they see them grow.

    Your beautiful contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2 is greatly appreciated!
    One of my shadow posts, your comment makes me happy.