Friday, 6 April 2012

Junction of Walker Lane

Behind the fence on the corner of Lumn Road and Walker Lane is a small open space.

Across Walker Lane is what used to be the Globe Inn but which has since been converted into a residential property. See the conversion underway in November 2011 and check out how the pub looked just half a decade ago.

On the right a Stott's bus can be seen heading down Lumn Road.

A contribution to Friday Fences.


  1. Interesting!
    I like the shadow cutting diagonally across the green.
    Happy Easter!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. love the shadows. great photo. (:

  3. Interesting color for an iron fence. I like it.

  4. A conversion to housing seems like a good choice for a hotel that is no longer profitable.

  5. I think this is a brilliant blog - a real historical document. But . . . I wonder if I may make a suggestion / request? Although I may be alone in this, I find it distracting that the pictures are bigger than the frame for the page. I also wonder if the quality of the pictures might be improved by posting them a little smaller?

    1. Thanks for the comment - I suppose it depends on the size of your screen - when I started volume 2 a year ago I designed it in order to show larger photos without viewers having to click to see the full photo - there are pros and cons to all designs - having larger photos forces one to put sidebar stuff at the bottom where many people might not scroll to - I don't intend changing the format in the near future - I have had some people asking me how they can display larger photos on their own blogs - so some people obviously prefer the large format.

  6. I saw several of these green fences when I was in Ireland...haven't seen any here in the US so far. I like the look of them...this is a nice one. I also enjoy the historical quality of your blog!

  7. As Linda wrote, «Louis» also appreciates the historical aspect of your blog. It gives context to your photos we wouldn't otherwise know.

  8. that looks so much like a corner in a town near me here in NJ
    red brick and there's a bus route
    and a small park
    all meeting in pretty much the same way
    small world :)

  9. I like that 'rounded' the fence color, too.

  10. Looks like a nice open space or mini park. I like the black decorative fence

  11. What a fascinating post! I love getting the history of the building (my how it has changed!) and seeing a corner of your world. The fence is very interesting.