Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Phone-box isolated

Last Tuesday work on the Hyde Market Renewal scheme was in progress near the Market Street crossing as can be seen on Hyde DP Xtra.

On Saturday morning as pedestrians were diverted around it, the telephone box was temporarily isolated within the work area.

A contribution to Ruby Tuesday.


  1. That looks like a well guarded telephone box.

  2. Once again a fine demonstration of what you find when you begin to open your eyes - and of course, when you have your camera with you! Love this isolated phone box - in these days of cell phones, there seem to be far fewer of them around!

  3. Phone booths or phone boxes are no longer around here. They went with the passing history at least a decade ago. I suppose history is what makes England, England.

    After I was hacked I had to give up my old user name and the blogs that went with it. My Birds Blog was among the give-ups.

    So this is the new birds blog and I hope you can come visit. Birds Birds Birds and Birds

  4. Great shot...love the streetscape!

  5. Very interesting street corner:)

  6. These days, public phones are very expensive. People hardly use them here.