Thursday, 8 March 2012

Grey Day in Hyde Cemetery

Last October I showed you the view up the main drive at Hyde Cemetery with the chapel at the end.

This was the scene on Tuesday. All that was left of the old chapel was some rubble. A JCB and a lorry were there to clear it away.

I showed you the chapel itself in my post of 3rd August 2011.

I have more photos of the demolished chapel which I'll be posting in the future.

This post is a contribution to Taphophile Tragics.


  1. What a shame Gerald, looking back it seemed such a lovely little chapel,they must have big plans for this spot. I hope it's something worth the knocking down of this little gem!

  2. Pathetic is what Grace really meant to say, Gerald. She was being polite. Why do we do that to our future? Why do we decimate the past? When I see old photographs showing buildings no longer there, I wish so very much that they had not been demolished. Progress is not worth that!

    Thank you for backwards linking in the way that you have, Gerald. Really fleshes out a story.

    And, thank you for contributing to Taphophile Tragics. I would love you to link other stories in your archives that you think might be of interest to the other contributors.

  3. They can't do that! That was on my birthday!! Seriously, I loved that little chapel you back linked too.

  4. That little chapel had so much charm! It gave the environment extra beauty! (I checked the links too!) Who really worries if it fits other styles of the era or not! It becomes its own identity! I'll add another "pathetic" to Julie's! At least you have photos!

  5. Oh my the chapel has a lot of character I don't understand why they have to demolish it. I hope it's as beautiful as the old chapel is. Well gonna see. Thanks for sharing.


  6. i love this monochrome photo...serene.

    Yellow Boats

  7. So pretty!

    Please come and see the yellows from "It's a Small World" attraction of Disney World.